VIP Coworking Session Copy

As a Wedding Pro Power Pack VIP, you have access to 1 VIP Coworking session during the summit. The goal of a coworking session is to give you space to get some work done on what you’ve learned. Maybe you want to implement what you learned during a presentation or maybe you want to start using a speaker bonus.

This session carves out time for you to do that work because, let’s be honest, we’re all more likely to show up for an appointment than to carve that time out for ourselves. The Coworking calls will be hosted on Zoom. Once we kick off the call you’ll get to work and you’ll be able to communicate via the chat to ask questions, let us know what you’re working on for accountability, and share what you’ve accomplished!  

Coworking Session Schedule:

All coworking calls are held via Zoom.