Mental Health In The Events Industry: 6 Self-Soothing Strategies To Manage Your Emotions Before Events

Charessa Sawyer

Charessa Sawyer headshot for the Wedding Business CEO Summit Hosted by Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business

Charessa Sawyer is an experienced Executive Director with over a decade of proven success working in the Event Production, Radio & Film, and Public Speaking arenas. She currently stands as the CEO of SCV Productions, Editor and Chief of Event Therapy Magazine, and host of the Event Therapy Lounge bringing awareness to her Mental Health Initiatives at conferences across the nation.

This mission is also present in Charessa's non-profit organization, the Charge Up Campaign, created to support the mental and emotional health of not only cancer survivors & warriors but their caregivers, as well! Charessa personally experienced the tumultuous relationship with the disease when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After nursing her mother through her journey to becoming a survivor, Charessa has become a spokesperson for the unseen battles of cancer and life as a whole.


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