How It Works

Throughout the summit, use your BINGO card to keep track of how you engage with the event. (Not sure what something means on the card? We've outlined it all for you below.)

During the first 4 days of the summit, January 25-28, I'll post in the Facebook group and invite you to post a picture or screenshot of your BINGO card to win by 6pm Pacific Time each day. Then, I'll randomly choose one person to win a spot in our Friday Hot Seat Call. Easy!

What Is The Hot Seat Call?

On Friday, January 29th at 11am Pacific Time, I'll be hosting a bonus Hot Seat Call with our 4 bingo winners. Each winner will get 15 minutes in the hot seat where they can ask specific questions about their business and get personalized feedback and advice.

The Hot Seat Call will take place on Zoom and you must be available to attend this session live to win. If any of the bingo winners are not able to attend, I'll choose another winner. This call is a great opportunity to get laser-focused advice on your business and issues that you're dealing with. The call will also be streamed live into the summit Facebook group so other attendees can learn from the questions you ask!

Download Your Bingo Card!

Square Descriptions

Not sure what a square means? Learn more about each one here.


Winning is easier with the All-Access Pass!

Make winning a hot seat easier plus, get lifetime access to presentations, transcripts, and worksheets, access to 3 VIP networking sessions during the summit, and more than $4000 in bonuses with the All-Access Pass.