Priced To Profit: Mastering Your Numbers So You Can ALWAYS Pay Yourself

Becca Kristine Tuttle

Becca Kristine Tuttle headshot for the Wedding Business CEO Summit Hosted by Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business

Becca is a business coach for wedding planners by day, a Christmas loving mama and ultra competitive-die-hard-Sacramento Kings fan by night. Challenges, of ANY kind thrill her. Being told that something is “impossible” or “unrealistic” only ignites the fire to accept that challenge, and then absolutely nail it. Becca firmly believes in intentionality, kindness, boundaries, and taking ACTION and responsibility for what you want out of life. Helping other planners embrace that ownership and take charge of their businesses in order to build that life they know they are meant for, is deeply engrained in her every move. Notably, having excellent coffee every morning, hiking whenever possible and 3pm beers followed by In-N-Out (animal style, of course) are the cherries on top of life!

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MASTERCLASS: Go From "Figuring It Out" To Full Time

In this masterclass you'll walk away with clarity on where you’re currently at, an understanding of the proven strategies that work, and where you need to go in order to FINALLY go full time inside your own wedding business.  I'll unpack the top mistakes I see wedding planners make daily that directly affect their ability to build a business with a strong, profitable foundation. I'll show you what to do differently, to avoid those costly mistakes. And teach you a 101 of my exact process I use and teach my clients to use, that details what your focus should be on to allow you to move forward.

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